About Us

The Herbert Family has been farming in
Hollister since 1868 when James Hudner
purchased land from Colonel Hollister at the
beginning of the town’s development. The land
as well as the farming business has been passed
down from generation to generation to the
present owners, Pat & Patti Herbert. In 1968
after the death of their father, brothers Phil and
Pat took over running the family farm. In 1985,
Pat and his wife Patti bought out Phil’s share of
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the business. Since then they have been the sole managers of the farm.
After many years of conventional farming, Pat decided to steer his efforts towards
becoming completely organic in 1989. A couple of years later, he attended a soil
management and composting seminar in Pennsylvania given by the Lubke family of
Austria. Their method combines a proper aerobic composting process along with
proper soil management. The Lubkes taught that building your soil with the proper
compost recipe – consisting of dairy manure, yard clippings, and clay soil – was key
in growing healthy, nutritious produce. Supplying people with nutritious produce,
would, in effect, make healthier people.
Blossoms abound on a peach tree in
the family's personal garden.
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